The 4 Step Framework to Becoming a Successful
Craft Content Creator

In This Masterclass



Learn how to set up your crafty business

Discover how you can write off those supplies you purchase.


Learn ways to grow your audience

Discover the #1 thing you must do to be successful with an online business


Learn ways to monetize your content

Discover how you can leverage your content with brands to create passive income


Learn about a program that can help you
become a successful craft content creator

Discover how to build a craft business that you love and get paid to create content

Brandi is passionate about helping grow other crafters’ businesses. She helped me expand my entire way
of thinking of my craft business. Through the steps she taught me I was able to triple my email list. That
benefits me when I promote affiliate brands I am connected to, resulting in a higher revenue.

I would highly recommend any resource, course, or event Brandi puts out. If you work the plan she lays out
for you, even if it stretches you a bit, you are going to love the results."


Are you wondering how to get started craft business online?

The idea of creating any business can be overwhelming. Let me guide you step by step
through the process.

Whether you are a newbie crafter or have been around the craft table a few times, I have
you covered.

Join me to finally learn what it takes to be a successful craft content creator and get paid
for your efforts.

A Note From The Instructor...

My passion is teaching crafters how to take their skills
and impact the lives of others, by creating content that
is engaging and profitable.

I love working with makers find the best way forward in
their business.  Let me be your guide and show you that
you can do this!